Looking back, we admit we set ourselves a pretty tough challenge: deliver the high performance of Onkyo audio in an incredibly small, in-ear package – and for a reasonable price.

Kind of crazy, really. Well, hope you like crazy.

Most in-ear headphones are a compromise. In exchange for convenience and size, you have to give up true high fidelity sound. Especially at the low end, where there’s just not enough space to create anything but mud. So they just settle for giving you more of it.

We didn’t buy that. And more importantly, neither did the obsessive guys and gals down in Onkyo R&D. After a few all-nighters (you know, you’re geeking out in the zone and suddenly it’s dawn), they proudly presented us with the 300-series of in-ear headphones, built around newly designed 14.3 mm (9/16") drivers. The result – especially through our free Onkyo phase-linear FIR equalizer app for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch® – is clear mids, crisp highs, and punchy bass across an amazingly deep soundstage. Add to that an elastomer-sheathed, 6N oxygen-free copper cable, and the HF-300 delivers almost zero resistance and minimal touch noise from source through gold-plated MMCX connectors to driver. And man, are they comfortable.

Our engineers love them – but as you just read, they’re a little crazy. Maybe it's your kind of crazy, too?

The details:

  • 14.3mm high-performance dynamic drivers
  • 6N oxygen-free copper cable with thick elastomer sheath. Detachable and tangle-free.
  • 15Hz - 22kHz frequency response
  • Deep, well-controlled bass performance
  • Durable aluminum/ABS resin housing
  • Gold-plated MMCX connectors
  • Form-fitting, soft-touch earpads reduce ambient noise and increase comfort over long listening sessions

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